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Wellness Screening

A mobile phlebotomy wellness screening service brings healthcare to your door-step. Our certified phlebotomists provide convenient blood draws for comprehensive wellness assessments, including cholesterol levels, and more. We prioritize comfort, privacy, and efficiency, ensuring you receive personalized care without leaving your home or office.

Mobile Phlebotomy Services

Legacy Labs Services Mobile Phlebotomy service delivers the convenience of healthcare to your doorstep. Our expert phlebotomists offer professional blood collection services in the comfort of your home or office. Whether you require routine blood tests, specialized diagnostics, or pediatric draws, we prioritize accuracy, efficiency, and patient comfort. Experience healthcare on your terms with Legacy Labs Services LLC.

Nursing Home/Assisted Living

Legacy Labs Services provides mobile phlebotomy services to nursing homes and assisted living facilities, ensuring convenient blood draws for residents. Picture a calm, professional setting where skilled phlebotomists arrive equipped with all necessary tools, offering a seamless experience for patients.

Taking care of your health

DOT/NON-DOT Drug Collections

Our mobile phlebotomy service offers convenient DOT/NON-DOT drug collection services. Whether for workplace compliance or personal needs, our certified phlebotomists ensure accurate and discreet sample collection at your preferred location. With a focus on efficiency and confidentiality, we make drug testing hassle-free and accessible, providing peace of mind for individuals and employers alike.

In Home and On Site Blood

Our mobile phlebotomy service offers convenient in-home and on-site blood collection. Whether you're unable to travel or seeking onsite healthcare solutions, our experienced phlebotomists bring professional blood draw services to your doorstep. With a focus on comfort, efficiency, and accuracy, we ensure a seamless and convenient experience, allowing you to prioritize your health without the hassle of clinic visit.


Our Licensed staff are CPR and First Aide Certified, OSHA, as well as HIPPA Compliant

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